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MB&WWA Applauds Governor for Signing Bill Into Law Banning Marijuana-Infused Alcohol in Michigan

Thursday, October 18, 2018 12:03 PM | Deleted user

New law makes it illegal to sell marijuana-infused beer, wine or spirits

LANSING – The Michigan Beer & Wine Wholesalers Association is applauding Gov. Rick Snyder for signing a bill into law banning marijuana-infused alcohol in Michigan. House Bill 4668 was signed into law Tuesday.

“Many of our members have expressed concerns with distributing a risky new product that would encourage additional impaired drivers on our roads,” said Spencer Nevins, president of the Michigan Beer and Wine Wholesalers Association. “We applaud the Legislature and the governor for seeing the potential dangers of marijuana-infused alcohol and taking a proactive approach to banning it in Michigan.”

The legislation passed the Michigan Senate on Sept. 26 on a near unanimous vote. The Michigan House followed suit on Oct. 2, approving the measure with more than 100 “yes” votes.

The new law, Public Act 346 of 2018, takes effect immediately and makes it illegal to possess or sell marijuana-infused beer, wine, spirits and mixed spirit or wine drinks. The law does not impact hospitals, state universities, private colleges or universities or pharmaceutical companies from conducting research on marijuana-infused alcohol.

“As an association, we have always supported the responsible use of alcohol and worked to reduce drunken driving and binge and underage drinking,” Nevins said. “We believe marijuana-infused alcohol has no place on store shelves or on tap in bars or restaurants.”

The governor’s action comes at a time when beer-makers large and small across the country are partnering with cannabis companies to create marijuana-infused beer.

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