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New Holland Brewing Co., Alliance Beverage Team Up to Produce, Distribute Hand Sanitizer

Friday, March 27, 2020 11:07 AM | Deleted user

1,000 gallons delivered to locations across west Michigan

HOLLAND, Mich. — New Holland Brewing Co. today announced it has produced over 1,000 gallons of hand sanitizer at its distillery. This product has been delivered to health care and emergency service providers, as well as grocery and food distribution throughout West Michigan.

“At New Holland Brewing Co., we are proud to step up and do our part to help in this time of need,” said Brett VanderKamp, president of New Holland Brewing Co. “We are uniquely positioned to produce hand sanitizer for our distribution partners, health care providers and those on the front lines battling this virus.”

Shawn Gary, president of Alliance Beverage, initially reached out to VanderKamp about producing hand sanitizer after the distributor began running low on the product for employees and couldn’t find any on store shelves. Hand sanitizer is made from three ingredients: Water, alcohol (60% or higher) and glycerin.

VanderKamp and his team at New Holland produced the hand sanitizer while Gary and Alliance Beverage supplied him with containers to store it in and glycerin.

“Our team at Alliance Beverage has been working nonstop to ensure our suppliers products get to market and our employees are following the necessary health and safety measures to help slow the spread of COVID-19,” Gary said. “I’m proud to stand shoulder-to-shoulder with New Holland Brewing Co. and help meet the critical need for hand sanitizer across West Michigan.”

New Holland will continue to produce 3,000 gallons of hand sanitizer a week to be distributed though out Michigan in the coming weeks.

Alliance Beverage distributes New Holland Brewing Co. products to retailers in more than 20 counties across West and Southwest Michigan.

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