Welcome to the world of beer & wine distribution in Michigan!

Established in 1948, the Michigan Beer & Wine Wholesalers Association (MB&WWA) is one of the alcohol beverage industry’s most progressive state trade associations.

We represent family-owned and local beer and wine distributors who work hard every day to deliver a wide variety of beverages to licensed retailers throughout the Great Lakes State.

Distributors are the second tier in a three-tier system of alcohol distribution.

The supplier (breweries and wineries) is first, and the retailer (restaurants, bars, and stores) is third. This system:

  • Prevents vertical monopolies and anti-competitive behavior in the marketplace.
  • Provides a level playing field and access to market for all, including small breweries and wineries. As a result, there are hundreds of local breweries and wineries in Michigan and thousands more nationwide!
  • Promotes choice and competition in the marketplace by preventing multinational mega-brewers from having a monopoly on the market through control of retailers.

The MB&WWA is proud to defend the Three-Tier System and advocate for our beer and wine distributors on legislative, regulatory, legal, and public policy matters.


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